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Here, at IP Bytes, we hope to inform and educate on a wide range of IP topics so that every visitor – whether a law student, attorney, or curious mind can walk away having learnt something. The following are a brief description of the type of posts you may find here:

  • Behind the Scenes. A “behind the scenes” look on current issues surrounding IP.
  • Fun Facts. Check here to see fun facts about intellectual property.
    • Chik fil-A asserted that a Vermont artist selling t-shirts with “Eat More Kale” violated its trademark “Eat Mor Chikin”
    • A special type of comb over to cover balding spots was patented (now expired).
  • Loyola Spotlight. From current law students to practicing attorneys.
  • IP – From Theory to Practice.  Law article summaries and behind the scenes interviews with the writers of IP law articles.
  • Navigating Resources on IP. Step by step post on how to solve an IP research issue.
  • What I Learned. Posts about recommended classes, externship experiences, and IP related events.