Other Pedagogy Resources

In alphabetical order. These are intended to supplement information learned through the pedagogy courses, workshops, and resources offered by the Loyola History Department and Loyola University Chicago, listed here.

Cult of PedagogyClick here.

Essay-writing basics: Click here.


“Mid-term Teaching Evaluations” by Billie Hara: Click here.
“Maximizing Your Mid-Semester Evaluations” by Anne Guarnera: Click here.

FERPAClick here.

“Flipping the Classroom,” a guide: Click here.

“Getting Started with Rubrics” from UCBerkeley

“Having Students Teach” by Prof. Catherine Denial: Click here.

“How to Create a Syllabus” advice guide by Kevin Gannon: Click here.

On the first day of class:

“How to Teach a Good First Day of Class” by Prof. James Lang: Click here.
“Making the First Day Matter” by Prof. Catherine Denial: Click here.

Online Teaching:

“8 Lessons Learned from Teaching Online” video: Click here.
“Best Practice Guide for Online Discussions” by Rhonda D. Blackburn, Ph.D.: Click here.
“Best Practices for Communicating with Students in Online Classes” by Kristina Wilson: Click here.
“Best Practices for Synchronous Sessions” by Kristina Wilson: Click here.
“Designing Effective Team Projects in Online Courses” by Stephanie Smith Budhai, PhD: Click here.
“Feedback Strategies for Online Courses” by Rob Kelly: Click here.
“Improving Student Engagement in Online Courses” via Harmonize: Click here.
Netiquette– “Fostering Open Minds Online” by Abby Ferber: Click here.
Online Learning Insights website: Click here.
“Organizing Content Overview: Chunking Content” video: Click here.
““Preparing Students for Online or Blended Classes” by Loyola’s Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy: Click here.
“Student Engagement Strategies for the Online Learning Environment” by Paula Bigatel, PhD: Click here.
“The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Learning” by Judy Donovan: Click here.

On using primary sources in the classroom from Prof. Catherine Denial: Click here and here.

Open Access Primary and Digital Sources:

Academic Podcast Roundup from H-Net: Click here.

Crash Course history videos on YouTube: Click here.

DOCSTeach from the National Archives: Click here.

Experiencing History: Holocaust Sources in Context from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Click here.

Explore Common SenseThe Digital British Edition: Click here.

Smithsonian For Educators: Click here.

Open Access Textbooks:

Building the American Republic, Vol. 1, by Harry Watson: Click here.
Building the American Republic, Vol. 2, by Jane Dailey: Click here.
The American YawpClick here.

Pedagogy PlaygroundClick here.

Syllabus packet from The Chronicle of Higher Education: Click here.

“Teaching News Literacy in Politically-Polarizing Times” by Andrea Baer and Jean Cook: Click here.

Teaching with Podcasts: Click here.

“The Big List of Classroom Discussion Strategies” by Jennifer Gonzales: Click here.