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This site provides professional development resources for history graduate students at Loyola University Chicago, as well as information intended to help graduate students navigate their respective degree programs.

Graduates from Loyola’s history department have established careers in a variety of different settings, from academia and public history to consulting and non-profit work. The PhD and MA do not prepare students to follow only one career path — that of teacher or professor. Rather, the PhD and MA provide graduates with a breadth and depth of knowledge of their field of study, as well as a variety of skills that are sought after by employers in the 21st century. The Loyola history department is committed to supporting students in identifying their career goals, developing an array of skills, and pursuing diverse career pathways.

The resources listed here are not meant to be exhaustive. Contact Dr. Mooney-Melvin, History Graduate Program Director, with questions about or proposed additions or modifications to this website. Professional development events and initiatives from 2018 to 2021 are supported in part by a Career Diversity Implementation Grant from the American Historical Association.