Pedagogy @ Loyola

If you have questions about these requirements or any of the resources listed here, contact Prof. Pat Mooney-Melvin, history graduate program director.

Pedagogy Requirements for funded PhD Students

History Dept.’s Professional Lives of Historians Course:

The pro-seminar course is required for all incoming history PhD students beginning fall 2019 and later. It can be taken as an elective by all other history graduate students. Students in this course will learn about the many career pathways open to historians with graduate degrees and begin to prepare for careers after graduation. Funded PhD students who started before fall 2019 are required to attend 8 pedagogy seminars by the time they begin teaching their own courses in year 4.

History Dept. Teaching Mentors:

Each PhD student teaching on their own as an instructor/teacher of record is required to select a teaching mentor from among the history faculty and check-in with the mentor throughout the semester. Email Dr. Mooney-Melvin with questions about this requirement.

Teaching Statements:

Each PhD student must draft a teaching statement by their second year. Writing a teaching statement provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their experiences as discussion section leaders and teachers of record, as well as to identify their own unique pedagogical values. Writing a teaching statement early in the program and updating it each year provides a way for each student to measure growth and change as an instructor. In addition, teaching statements are must-haves for anyone interested in teaching after graduation. Similarly, most pre- and post-doctoral teaching fellowship applications require teaching statements. For more on how to write a teaching statement, click here.

The Graduate School’s Teaching Effectiveness Seminar (TES): Click here.

TES is required for Loyola graduate students preparing to teach on their own as teachers of record. History PhD students usually take TES in the fourth year. Loyola’s Graduate School organizes this year-long seminar series. 

Understanding FERPA: Click here.

All history graduate students with must understand and abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

History Department Pedagogy Resources

Assignments shared by history facultyClick here for access to assignments shared by Loyola history faculty. Feel free to modify for use in your own courses. Be sure to thank and credit the source.

Sitting in on faculty undergraduate courses: History graduate students are welcome to visit undergraduate courses taught by history faculty to observe faculty teaching styles and experience an array of undergraduate course content. Permission is required. Email Dr. Mooney-Melvin to set up a visit.

Other Loyola Resources

In alphabetical order. These programs and resources are available to all history graduate students. Loyola graduate students interested in teaching after graduation are encouraged to take advantage of these learning opportunities.

Academic Integrity at Loyola: Click here.

Course Design and Facilitation: Click here.

Copyright and Fair Use in the classroom: Click here and here.

Ignatian Pedagogy resources, seminars, and workshops at Loyola: Click here.

Library services for faculty and instructors: Click here.

Online Teaching Course at Loyola: Click here.

Rubric Creation and Sharing: Click here.

Social Justice Pedagogy Reading Group at Loyola: Click here.

Student Accessibility Center at Loyola: Click here.

Students in need or crisis: Click here and here for information from Loyola’s Office of the Dean of Students.

Syllabus help: Click here for Loyola’s syllabus checklist and here for Loyola’s syllabus template.

Teaching and Learning Workshops at Loyola: Click here.

Teaching with technology resources at Loyola: Click here.