Misc. Resources & Lists

Academic Podcast Roundup from H-Net: Click here.

“Getting Started with LinkedIn” from Beyond the Professoriate: Click here.

Humanities for All, 1,500+ “examples of publicly engaged humanities work at colleges and universities across the U.S.”: Click here.

Humanities Indicators, featuring the latest humanities data from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Click here. And the related Data Forum, here.

The Inclusive Historian’s Handbook: Click here.

“This dynamic reference source supports inclusive and equity-focused historical work in public settings by sharing a knowledge base that invites more people to engage in history projects. This handbook provides concrete examples of how to make history work more relevant. It centers on equity, inclusivity, diversity, and public service while offering accessible windows into the many ways public historians work.”

National Inventory of Humanities Organizations: Click here.

Twitter Chats related to history, public history, museums, and careers: Click here.

Twitter list with readings related to “Women and the Archives”: Click here.