Such a ‘Bler: The WNDR Museum

Such a ‘Bler: The WNDR Museum

Here is my latest discovery: THE WNDR MUSEUM. And it is exactly what it sounds like.  

Wander and wonder.  

These are photos from both the first and second chapter of the museum (yes I’ve been to both because I’m that obsessed and up to date with this space. The first picture features an optical illusion room, but to know how we did it, you have to come by and find out yourself hehe (this room is also still in the second chapter so don’t worry) and the second picture features a mirror dance room that has a light up sensor floor. AND YES BOTH OF THESE ARE IN THE SAME BUILDING.  

The WNDR Museum combines the coolest aspects of science and art to produce innovative attractions like these with each chapter! Some other features include an indoor slide, sequin walls, free candy, a balloon room, on site poets, a sound cloud (LITERALLY) and its most famous exhibit, the infinity room. If I am correct, each new chapter centers around a different theme and lasts for around half a year! It is the perfect place to bring together your favourite Museum of Science and Industry and Museum of Contemporary Art fan pals! 

And it is honestly an Instagram aesthetics’ dream. 

As mentioned, there’s are on site poets (probably my favourite part of the museum) who ask you for a word (or several/a topic) and craft a unique piece just for you whilst you browse the exhibitions. At the end of your tour, you can find your poem at the gift shop (for free) and take it home as a memory of this little adventure.  

My first time there was on the last day of the first chapter and coincidentally also the artist Yayoi Kusama’s birthday! WNDR hosted a little birthday party scavenger hunt with colourful spots stuck all around the museum as a nod to Kusama’s famous obsession with pokadots. Some dots had facts and a special dot had her picture. The hunt asked you to find and take pictures of all the facts for a prize, and if you find her picture, you get a special cup of dipping dots (gotta love this spotty party theme!) 

I honestly cannot wait to see what WNDR comes up with next! I hope you join the fan club: 

See the illusion, become the illusion. 



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