2012 Resolutions?

2012 Resolutions?

It has been one year since I officially started my blog. Yeah!

I find myself once again debating what I will commit to this year with regard to New Year’s resolutions. I feel I should be honest with myself and take a look back at what I wanted to do last year and see if I made any strides.

First, I mentioned one person whose goal was to send more hand-written notes. Having blogged about it, I made sure to try to do this more often myself—I admit I sent more hand-written thank you notes all last year than I probably have since I was in the 5th or 6th grade when my mom made sure I was doing so. Second, I never got to try my hand at snowshoeing, but my father-in-law got snowshoes for Christmas so I am committed to trying this when the opportunity presents itself this February. Third, I managed to complete many home improvement projects. Check. Check. Finally, I mentioned better physical fitness, though I must admit I fall down on this each year after a robust start. So yes, I am back in the gym again now—not loving it, but liking it.

What does 2012 bring? What are your resolutions?

My general philosophy is to adopt something positive, rather than focus on something I shouldn’t do. In this vein, my top resolution this year is to get more involved helping out at my church and in my community. I want to find some way I can contribute on a more regular basis.

As for a quick recap, and given my call for great holiday treats in December, I thought I would share a photo of the great art of Lefse making.

I find it ironic that I was sporting my Loyola sweatshirt that day.

Go Ramblers!

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