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Trademark Trivia: Sports Edition!

Which of the following is NOT a federally registered trademark?

  1. “Taco Tuesday,” as in LeBron James’s social media celebrations of eating tacos on Tuesdays
  2. “Three-peat,” as in winning three consecutive championships
  3. Blue athletic turf, as in Boise State’s famous blue and orange football field
  4. “Fear the Brow,” as in NBA star Anthony Davis’s very distinct unibrow

Correct Answer: A!

Once you know a little more about trademarks and how individuals and companies register them, the answer should make a lot more sense. Let’s start there!

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Having Fun with IP Law: An Interview with Professor Nan Norton

Professor Nan Norton is currently on the adjunct faculty and library faculty at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  She teaches classes on trademark law, intellectual property (IP) research, and basic legal research to Loyola students. Prior to working at Loyola, she was a shareholder at Brinks Gilson & Lione, a highly regarded IP boutique firm in Chicago, where she practiced trademark law. Professor Norton also worked as corporate counsel managing IP matters and at a general practice firm. She is co-author of Trademark Practice Throughout the World and was a contributing author to Designing an Effective Intellectual Property Compliance Program, which is part of the Corporate Compliance Series.

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Connections, Insights, and Valuable Lessons: The Importance of Networking

As a first-year law student, you learn almost immediately that your grades are extremely important. A strong GPA is undeniably one of the main criteria employers will use to distinguish job applicants. However, I learned this year that it’s also very important to begin building your professional network and making connections in the legal world as early as you can. I had the opportunity to attend several networking events this year, where I met practicing attorneys with a lot of valuable insight to share. Each time I left feeling glad I decided to attend, even if it meant I had to stay up a little later to finish my Torts reading.

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Law School at Loyola: Debunking the Myths and Encouraging New Pursuits

People will tell you all sorts of terrible things about law school: getting “cold called” by ruthless professors, competitive classmates who steal your notes, or insurmountable workloads that rule your life. While I’m only one and a half semesters in, I feel confident when I say that nothing could be further from the truth at Loyola University Chicago School of Law (“Loyola”). Continue reading