Such a ‘Bler: I Thought I’ve Seen Chicago

Such a ‘Bler: I Thought I’ve Seen Chicago

Going on my third year in Chicago now, and having been a tour guide several times to an abundance of family and friends who have visited me, I thought I was almost an expert. However, it wasn’t until this Summer when I tried my very first Chicago hotdog (I loved it.) 

With this embarrassing realization, I set out to re-explore some of my favourite spots. The hotdog was enjoyed at the Park Café at Millennium Park, one of the first touristy destinations when I arrived in Chicago in 2017. I often just drop by to show my friends Cloud Gate, the huge structure at Millennium Park and Crown Fountain but boy have I been missing out on some good food. Don’t get me wrong, I had been searching around town for a place to finally experience this world-famous treat. But why was I searching anywhere else for this famous hotdog? It was right here!!! The café also has other hotdog options if Chicago isn’t your style, and really yummy ice cream too. 

This summer, I also set out to venture on CTA lines other than the red, such as the brown, purple, green and pink lines. Going to Loyola has definitely familiarized me with the redline (to the point of remembering the order of its stops) but now that I live off campus, I discovered that the purple Loop takes way less travel time to go downtown! Other lines also offer much faster routes to my favourite places. I guess I just had to get over the initial hesitation to explore. 

Strolling around the Chicago Riverwalk is another one of my favourite activities. It only took a wrong turn whilst trying to find my way back to the L one pretty afternoon for me to realize that I could love it even more. Just look at this beauty of a structure. I honestly stopped and marveled in awe. It also made me wonder whether I had been looking up at my city enough, and this is coming from the wanderer of the group. 

Perhaps you already know all of the above and I’m just being silly. I guess this is my way of saying keep venturing. Because I thought I knew most of Chicago as well. 



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