Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

If you’ve reached that point where “giving up” has been an option (or feel like it is about to be), STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING FOR A SECOND.

College can be pretty stressful, trust me… I am the queen of stress, I totally get it.

Whether you’re a 4.0 student, a 3.0 student or even below that GPA, you are capable of so much and you do INDEED have that strength to overcome the obstacles coming your way. Think about it. Life wouldn’t be as fun or exciting if everyday were the same, boring thing.

I get it. You want to make everyone happy, including yourself. You want to be that balanced student who works hard and maintains good grades. At the same time you want to have fun, play sports/join events, and explore within your Loyola community.

So then do it! It does seem like a lot; however, I’ve come to the realization where, you just need to put the fun and interest in what you’re doing in order to do it. (Yes, even if you don’t like it) If you just sit back and think about what you have to do rather than just doing it, it drags on.

I am a pre health student who commutes, works out, has an on-campus job, and is a member of many organizations at Loyola. I wouldn’t be able to count the number of times I wanted to just give up and take the easy way out… Yet I realized, it wouldn’t be the same if I did that. I wouldn’t encounter all the fun, exciting adventures everyday on my way to and from Loyola. I wouldn’t have made the friends I made, or have the determination to become the one thing I’ve always wanted to become, a doctor.

Now, I’m not trying to make you sit here to tell you about my everyday struggles, but to remind you that if you feel like you’re overwhelmed with everything, just sleep it off and wake up with determination. Put some fun into what you’re doing and just be chill about it. It may be easier said than done, but this is the beginning and you’re capable of much more than an obstacle coming your way.

Relax and enjoy the moments you have now (at least we have summer to look forward to!!)

The struggle is real for all of us, but don’t let the struggle blind you. Your success is out there waiting for you to achieve it.

Remember, fall seven times and stand up eight —


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