Life in Chicago: Marathons

Life in Chicago: Marathons

Let me just say right away: I am not a runner. I think the last time I purposefully ran was freshman year, and I regretted every moment of it just because it hurt. all over. I won’t even hurry up to catch my friends if they walk obscenely fast – I’m a big believer in getting there when I get there, and not a moment sooner.

But, I support and am so impressed by people that are runners. I think my running genes were edited out sometime over a hundred years ago, as nobody in my extended family are runners either, on either sides. Well, my brother tried for a bit in middle school before genetics reminded him he’s really better suited for powerlifting and football. It’s really amazing, what the human body can do, and runners show that – I mean, alongside everyone else that uses their body for more than just getting around, like me.

So as a part of my sorority and as a personal interest, I volunteer twice a year with the Bank of America as they host their runs: the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in the fall, and the Shamrock Shuffle in the spring. Usually we’re tasked with handing out water or Gatorade, and also cheering on the runners, which is the most exciting part for me. I love cheering.

Here are my sisters making and pouring the Gatorade before the runners started winning. We eventually had to dump it all – they never told us!, I’m not sure why, but it was … interesting to watch anyway.

I don’t drive in Chicago, but I can imagine drivers do have to take note of the days, since both runs close down streets for the runners. I mean, the Marathon is a marathon – that’s like 26 miles folks – and the Shamrock Shuffle is an 8k, but both are impressive feats.

You can volunteer at either run as an individual or with your group! Or, you know, you could run. Or watch! These runs are part of the Chicago landscape like holidays and Cubs games. If you come to Loyola, take some time and experience them!

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