‘2017 Was Sooooo Last Year’

‘2017 Was Sooooo Last Year’


It’s crazy to think that 2018 is already here. It feels like just yesterday I was in high school with my 5 minute commute back home. One more year to graduation, deadlines approaching, anxiety rising, and one last year of my journey at Loyola.

Winter break was not as eventful as I thought it would be, not to say I didn’t enjoy it. Most of the time, I was trying new recipes, studying for the GRE, attending weddings and parties, volunteering at Community First Medical Center, and stalking LOCUS to check for open classes. It was the time I was able to actually reflect on my 3 years at Loyola and realize how quick things are approaching.

I was able to positively reflect on things as well. As stressed as I am about the graduate school deadlines, GRE exam, taking 19 credit hours, and my overall health this year, I am motivated to strive and do my best in all of these things; one thing for sure though, is that I must prioritize my health. A lot of times, we get so carried away with school or work that we forget to take care of ourselves or don’t really care at that point, but please, if there is anything I would like for all of my current/past/future Ramblers to do this year is to always prioritize your physical and mental health. It is something we don’t talk about often, and don’t realize until it is at toll. There will be moments where you stress, or are unhappy; that is not to say that everything will always go in the direction we don’t want them to, but when they do, let them. I have accepted that things do happen the way they are planned to happen, and rather than hurting myself or my health, do something fun. Get your mind off of it, and just go with the flow. I had many moments where I would start panicking and stressing, but instead of sitting there crying and looking at the thing that was stressing me out, I went out, bought myself some ice cream or went to the gym and got my mind off of it. Sometimes, I would just face time a friend too, as long as I find some sort of distraction.

Take care of yourself first; it won’t be worth it, trust me. I made the mistake before during my 1st and 2nd year of College where I wouldn’t take care of myself and just did whatever was needed to be done. I realized, in those moments, I wasn’t truly happy, nor was I myself. I was forcing and convincing myself to be something or doing something that wasn’t me, and in the end, all I got of it was MORE stress and complications as a consequence of not taking care of myself first.

Be smart, but in the sense that will benefit you first. Trust me, you’ll live a more experiential and happy life if you live life like Dory from Finding Nemo 🙂

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