Student Diversity

Student Diversity


Loyola University strives to be a community of diversity though ethnicity, religion, culture, and so much more! We foster a welcoming and open-minded environment for students to venture out and learn about different clubs and events! To say in the least, Loyola is very student-diverse and offers many clubs and things to help anyone and everyone become more comfortable at our school and have the opportunity to learn about other people and their customs.


Nearly half of the Loyola population consists of minority students! We have tons of clubs and sororities that are ethnic-based as well! I am president of the Vietnamese Student Association and can vouch that my organization welcomes all people to learn about our culture; especially those who are Asian or Vietnamese, this club can serve to them as their own second family where they share same cultural values! All organizations have general body meetings and larger events that are extended to to the entire Loyola community, so anyone can come participate.

Besides clubs and Greek life, there is a particular office that officially serves the diverse student population. This is the office for Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. This office is a wonderful spot for students to meet other students and offers so many resources to help you  out in all aspects.

In general, Loyola University is an institution with Jesuit beliefs. We strive to be respectful, caring, and loving to one another, regardless of any conditions or backgrounds. In my experience as a minority, I have never run into any racial problems or forms of discrimination on campus, so that is a good thing. Throughout classes, professors will also promote this ideology of respect as well; LUC students are nice and considerate to one another. Student diversity is something the school really takes pride in and celebrate a lot!

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