One major, two degrees

One major, two degrees

Sevilla Chicago Roma

Double Business Degree. The program that opens the door between two continents: America and Europe. Many of you may not know what this is about, so I am here to tell you.

The partnership between Loyola University Chicago and Universidad Loyola Andalucía, my home university, offers amazing possibilities. The greatest is the Double Business Program, which I am part of. It allows students to spend a semester in the John Felice Rome Center (Rome, Italy) and a whole year in Seville, Spain (or in the case of Spanish students like me, in Chicago). Sounds awesome, right?

The plan does not only have academic advantages. It is obvious that it differentiates you and doubles your internship and job opportunities, widening the range of places and positions you can access (students become fully employable in both continents). However, I can tell from my personal experience that it does much more than that. It broadens your horizons. It takes you out of your comfort zone to a more global and original thinking. It opens your mind. It makes you appreciate your culture from another perspective. It lets you take the best of each educational system. It helps you improve your communicative and social skills by living with people who speak a different language and have different customs.

Participating in the Double Business Degree Program has been the best decision in my life. So far it has allowed me to travel, meet amazing people and develop new talents (never had I thought that I would learn how to sing “operetta italiana”). And I cannot wait to see how it is going to shape my future. One major, two continents, three countries, three languages, lots of friends and… the best of all: two degrees without having to add any more years of studies! Business students: what are you waiting for?


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