Two Years Left!?!

Two Years Left!?!

Do you think high school went fast? You’re in for a ride because college goes by much faster. I remember sitting in a classroom for seven hours a day with one lunch break in high school wondering if the day would go by any faster. Every year after that initial freshman year, the day went by more and more quick. But, here in college everything seems to flash before my eyes.

You ask, why? Why is because in college, aside from a few general education requirements, I got to pick what I wanted to study. Especially this year, I feel like I’ve found my niche here at Loyola. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve joined the Classical studies department and I’ve become incredibly happy. Not only do I have my friends from my freshman year community but I also have friends that I can really relate to and have scholarly conversations with.

Now have I made friends with those bright individuals in my major but I’ve created incredible plans to look forward to. I recently applied and have been accepted to study abroad in Rome with Loyola’s JFRC campus. I will not only be in Europe but I will be in a city that bursts with classical material and hopefully making new friends in the meantime.

If you’re about to enter college and you’re reading this, please don’t be afraid to be yourself. There are 10,000 undergraduates on this campus and some of them are bound to connect with you. Be open minded and try not to judge people. Judging people can be easy but first impressions aren’t always the best and outside factors may be contributing to that impression. Accept people for what they are worth and to do that we must get to know them properly. Kick in your sense of adventure and set the world on fire!


That soon to be Junior 🙂



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