Summer at Loyola

Summer at Loyola

Although summer usually means a long clean break from school, many students at Loyola choose to spend their time on campus, taking classes online, studying abroad or pursuing an on campus job. This summer is the first summer I’ve decided to spend away from home.

I’m working for a Loyola department called Conference Services. In the summer, Loyola flips a majority of it’s housing into a hotel setting. This allows for large groups of outside people to stay on campus for events such as medical conferences, summer camps or weddings. (Did you know that Loyola’s chapel has a waiting list for weddings and it could take up to two years to get off of the waiting list?!?) As an employee, it is my job to check people in and out of the buildings and to make sure their basic living needs are met. I’m not quite sure what to expect from this experience but I’m excited to begin building my resume. I think this job will add to my growing customer service skills. Wish me luck!

Aside from attending my full time job, I will be taking two classes. At Loyola there are three summer sessions: A, B and C. Summer semesters A and B fall consecutively next to each other but C semester occurs during the last half of session A and the first half of semester B. During my first semester I will be taking an online Theology class. Online classes at Loyola will either have a class time where you have to be online at a certain time or there will be no online sessions. With the mandatory online sessions, they will give you a software that will allow you to actively tune in to a lecture from your professor.

In class summer sessions,  that take up 3 credit hours will usually run twice a week for three hours each. During summer semester B I will be taking Environmental Ethics for my tier 2 Philosophy core (general ed.)

Loyola does offer classes at our Rome, Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City campuses and they will run for about 6 weeks like the classes here do. If you do study abroad for the summer, I recommend only taking a maximum of two classes. There’s so much to explore while studying abroad, so you may as well take advantage of it while you’re there!

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