Chicago Bucket List: 35 Things To Do

Chicago Bucket List: 35 Things To Do

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I recently saw an article trending on Facebook among my Loyola friends, titled “Your Loyola Bucket List: 50 Must-Do Things Before Graduation.” Inspired by this concept, I decided to adapt and modify it, creating my own beyond-academics agenda of “35 Things I Aim to Accomplish at Loyola.”  That leaves me approximately three and half years for me to finish my entire list.

Since first stepping foot on campus last August, I have been conscientiously immersing myself in a broad range of activities which have, thus far, culminated in an array of impactful* experiences, from interesting and informative to outright challenging, from to awe-inspiring and emotionally moving to deeply insightful, and from warm and friendly to just plain fun.  So some of the items on my bucket list, below, have already been checked off, with 22 to go.

  1. Live in an apartment with a lake view.
  2. Live in an apartment in the heart of Chicago.
  3. Pull an all-nighter at the I.C. and watch the sunrise over the lake.
  4. Attend a group fitness class.
  5. Go on a LUREC
  6. Witness the river being dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day.
  7. Jump in the lake at the onset of winter, before it freezes
  8. Watch a movie in the Damen Cinema.
  9. Study in the Harry Potter Room.
  10. Attend a Hawks game.
  11. Attend a Cubs game.
  12. Rent a bike from ChainLinks.
  13. Take 8ride back to the dorms.
  14. Rush to ResNet for a computer rescue.
  15. Nap on the Victorian furniture in the Silent Room.
  16. Go to the Art Institute of Chicago.
  17. Eat cinnamon rolls at Ann Sather.
  18. Study abroad.
  19. Complete an off-campus internship.
  20. Go to a comedy show and concert at Colossus.
  21. See a performance by Loyola’s AcaFellas.
  22. Watch the Quidditch team play.
  23. Eat at Thai Spice.
  24. Try Ethiopian food at Ethiopian Diamond.
  25. Take a class that doesn’t have anything to do with your major or minor.
  26. Go ice skating at The Bean.
  27. Stand in the circle outside Madonna della Strada to hear the famous
  28. Meet Sister Jean.
  29. Walk on the lake when it’s frozen.
  30. Take a whole stack of cookies from the dining hall.
  31. Go to Felice’s Late Night.
  32. Go to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
  33. Visit the Field Museum of Natural History.
  34. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry.
  35. Visit the Adler Planetarium.


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