Discount Tickets for Students

Discount Tickets for Students

There are many perks to being a student in Chicago. Often times, students can get discounts on items such as food at certain places or even tickets to shows around the city! In this post, I will be discussing how to get cheap tickets for various shows just for being a student!

I for one love this perk, because I love theater and musicals especially. In my last post, I talked about how my roommate and I were able to get tickets to see Disney’s Newsies for just $25 through a company called Hot Tix. This week, they were offering $25 tickets for students for Cinderella, which is playing at the Cadillac Palace until January 4th, 2015. I wasn’t able to take advantage of these tickets, though, because I went home to Michigan for the holidays. I’m not sure if this deal is still going on, or if it was just for opening day, but even then, it was a wonderful thing and is a major perk for students in the city!

A few of my friends were able to get tickets to see the Joffrey Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker last Saturday for only $15 for being a student! This also occurred after I left for break, so I wasn’t able to attend, but they told me all about how they were able to receive the tickets and that the show was amazing. If you show up at the box office about an hour before the show with a student ID, you can purchase tickets for only $15. This is a wonderful perk of being a student in Chicago, being able to see expensive and amazing shows for a cheap price!

In addition to lotteries and companies such as Hot Tix, students have another way of receiving cheap tickets to shows. All they have to do is show their ID! This is probably one of my favorite things about being a student in Chicago, and I plan to make use of this perk multiple times within the next four years as a student at Loyola!

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