Windy City Winter

Windy City Winter

If you’re from Chicago, you know how bipolar the city’s weather can really be. One day it’s about 30 degrees and snowing in October and the next it’s 70 degrees and feels like a late September day. When the weather is so different day to day, it’s hard to figure out how to efficiently dress. Though, now that the leaves are almost all gone and a blizzard is most¬†likely around the corner, here are a few tips on how to prepare for the Windy City winter:

1. Wear Layers
Layers will be your best friend from now til Spring. Chicago isn’t called the Windy City for nothing– you’ll want hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, hoodies, socks, more socks, and a warm jacket. This is especially true for those of you who may be coming from somewhere warmer, like California, Florida, Hawaii, etc. Always remember that it’s easy to shed layers, but you don’t want to regret not wearing enough layers once you’re already out braving the cold.¬†

2. You MUST wear Boots

In Chicago, when it snows, it becomes slush. If you don’t know what slush is, imagine snow that melts to became have snow and half rain water— and is brown. This slush will accumulate on the streets, and will make it rough to cross the streets without getting your shoes completely soaked. For this, I recommend getting boots. Not suede boots, which will instantly get soaked, but a pair that will brave out and actually last the winter.


3. Prepare yourself mentally

You can wear layers on layers, but one thing you need to have for Chicago winters is strength. When you think you’re out on a simple trek across campus for class, a sneaky wind tunnel might creep up on you, making the simple trek much more treacherous. In moments like these you will need that bravery.

I’m going to warn you, there are numerous wind tunnels around campus. But the best way to get through them, is to either avoid them or brave them out!

I hope that these tips will help you brave out this winter!



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