Some Tricks, But Mostly Treats

Some Tricks, But Mostly Treats


Bring on the werewolves, last minute costumes, and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

This is my first Halloween in Chicago, and I am beyond excited for the new experience. Realistically all that I’ll do is sit in my dorm room drinking some cider from Engrained while watching a movie, but hey. It’s the pumpkin decorations hanging on my window that make the difference.

I just have a few things to remind you of this Halloween, the main focus centering on your wellbeing. (I know, I know. You’ve heard all this before, but I’m here with a friendly reminder of it all. It’s okay, my mom called me quite a few times and told me all these things twice already. For those of you who’s parents have given up on reminding you, here’s a refresher.)

Don’t go out alone. Go with a friend or a group so ensure that you’re not wandering around Rogers Park alone at night. While we would like to ignore the fact that bad things can happen, they can. Don’t place yourself in unnecessary situations…Plus it’s more fun to go out with a few people, even if you don’t know them well!
(If you’re within 2 miles of campus, utilize the 8 ride service Loyola provides, they’ll pick you up anywhere within 2 miles of campus! Otherwise, use services such as uber or lyft to get from one place to another–first time users get up to $30 off their first ride with uber, and $25 with their first ride with lyft.)

I’m not qualified to speak on costumes and whatnot, you all have fun with whatever you choose to wear, but here’s the fact of the matter: there are little white flakes coming down from the heavens. The wind is blowing more so than usual. Don’t get hypothermia just for the sake of looking good in an outfit. Bring a jacket to wear while you’re outside. You can always just take it off when you get to your destination!

This seems like a no brainer. However, if your idea of fun Halloween festivities are more towards staying in and watching scary movies and less of going out and braving the weather we’re having, then do so. Do what is going to make you happy, and don’t allow yourself to be pressured to drink or party if you don’t want to. You always have the option of not doing so, your friends really won’t care if you decide it’s in your best interest to not partake in risky behavior.
(However, if you’re not aware of the school’s Good Samaritan Policy, please go educate yourself right now. It’s important.)

Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween, no matter what you decide to do!

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