Weekend with Bros

Weekend with Bros

sam and jack

Never was I more excited for a weekend than for this one.  My brothers Sam and Jack called earlier this week with a very exciting question.

Sam asked, “Jack and I really want to visit you!  Does this weekend work?”

“Is that even a question?  Yes of course!” I replied.  I was so enthusiastic to provide my brothers with a sneak peek into campus life.  Right away I began planning restaurants to sample, friends to meet, and classes to shadow.

As a high school senior and sophomore, respectively, Sam and Jack are currently navigating the college selection process and wanted to see if Loyola was the right fit.  Sam in particular is in the process of picking a major.  To help them make this decision, I brought Sam along to my favorite class—genetics.  After hearing my professor’s lecture, Sam shared with me how impressive and fascinating the class material was.  I knew Sam was interested in the sciences but was yet to decide on a major, so hopefully this spark of interest can guide him and get him excited for his future studies.

After classes, we ate lunch at En Lai Chinese Grill (on Sheridan, a few blocks down from the Granville stop).  Sam and Jack tried new lo mein dishes while I ordered avocado sushi and miso soup.  Complete with tea and fortune cookies, our lunch was low-key and relaxing.

Our dinner downtown, however, was just the opposite of low-key and relaxing.  We decided to try Dick’s Last Resort (off Dearborn right before the House of Blues), where the service staff intentionally ridicules their customers.  Our waitress wasted no time in pointing out Jack’s relatively young age, asking the 17-year-old if he wanted a coloring book.  She then continued to throw menus at me and make our signature insult hats.   Like the rest of the restaurant’s customers, we were looking around to read everyone else’s hats.  Despite the cover band who kept playing David Bowie, we couldn’t stop laughing at our obnoxious waitress and will definitely visit again.

Sam and Jack’s next visit may include skating at Millennium Park or a concert.  Whatever the next visit entails, I cannot wait to have my two favorite people back on campus with me.

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