Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday

I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge NFL fan.  But, I do understand football (coming from a big family of all football players helped me understand the game) so I was excited to watch a (hopefully) close, competitive game.  So… the game was basically a blow out, but I enjoyed spending time with friends, eating our lives away, and watching the commercials!

My two friends and I went to Standard Market Grill to watch the game.  It’s in the Lincoln Park area, and just a few minutes down the street from my apartment. Standard Market Grill was hosting a Super Bowl party, so we paid 25$ for all you can eat food and desserts alllll night.  It was basically a foodie’s heaven.  They had cheeseburger sliders, thai shrimp rolls, barbeque chicken pizza, sweet potato fries….almost everything you can imagine.  It was sooo good and I’m pretty sure I was full for the next two days following the Super Bowl.

So, about the game.  I began rooting for the Seahawks, as my roommate is from the Pacific Northwest (Portland), but watching the Seahawks demolish the Bronco’s made me root for the underdog.  Unfortunately, they never came back, or even came remotely close to coming back, so we focused the majority of our attention on the commercials.

My two favorite commercials would have to be the Coca-Cola commercial and the Cheerio’s commercial. The Coca-Cola commercial was incredibly moving, and definitely portrayed our “melting pot” America accurately.  The Cheerio’s commercial portrayed an interracial family, which I liked because it cut away from the stereotypical American family, and showed our diverse and advancing society.  I pretty much liked every commercial (The Full House reunion commercial=classic), but those two definitely won, in my book.

It was a great Super Bowl Sunday, regardless of the uneventful football game.  I had a great time in the company of my best friends, and we most definitely enjoyed the all you can eat buffet!

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