Time to Give Thanks

Time to Give Thanks

This Thursday, we celebrate another Thanksgiving. For many, it’s a day comprised of good food, family and friends, football, and the kick-off to the holiday season. More importantly, it’s a day where we are able to reflect on our lives and of course, think about those less fortunate.

Here at Loyola, the HUB staff members (our one-stop destination for questions, answers, and directions) put up a Tree of Thanks at the desk. Each leaf is hung by a student, faculty, staff member, or guest indicating something or someone each person is thankful for this Thanksgiving. Thank you HUB staff for taking a moment and asking us to step outside of our day-to-day lives for a bit to reflect and simply say ‘Thank you.’

Personally, I want to say “THANK YOU” to the many admission staff members, student workers, and ambassadors who go above and beyond their required responsibilities each day. Your hard work is appreciated!

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.: Please don’t forget that if you are applying to Loyola for Fall 2014 as a freshman student, the priority application deadline is this coming Sunday, December 1. APPLY NOW!

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