The New Kid on the Blog

The New Kid on the Blog


Greetings, fellow citizens! My name is Kyle Forbush, your newest freshman voice out of the Windy City. To break the ice, here are a few random facts: my favorite Disney movie was Lion King, I love Pearl Jam, and yes, I was teased quite incessantly throughout the election of George W. Bush (“So, Kyle, are you ‘for Bush’?” *snicker*). On a more relevant note, I was born in Chicago and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with my triplet siblings, parents, and a dog named Oreo.

Awkward introductions aside, let me fill you in on my life at Loyola thus far.  I live on campus at Regis Hall, formerly known as “Prestigious Regis” when inhabited by honors students, or currently referred to as “Hotel Regis” by anyone jealous of our personal bathrooms. I am majoring in Journalism and International Studies, so I tend to stand out among the mass of bio, pre-med and nursing majors that seem to dominate our student populace.

Growing up, I longed to return to the city of my birth; thus, after being accepted to Loyola, I eagerly scheduled tours of both campuses. Immediately I was blown away by the university’s state-of-the-art facilities, wide range of academic pursuits, inclusive atmosphere and strong Jesuit message of community service.

I am currently enrolled in CORE classes – courses which the university requires to ensure that students graduate with a well-rounded education. The Lake Shore Campus houses most of these classes in addition to being the place I live, so naturally I spend most of my time there. However, since my journalism major is a facet of the School of Communications, I also attend a two-and-a-half hour night class once a week at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus.

In addition to my commitment as a full-time student, I was hired at the only student-run guesthouse in the nation, The Flats at Loyola Station. The hotel is owned by Loyola Limited, which is entirely operated and managed by Loyola students and alumni. The unique organization was developed as an entrepreneurial venture which would provide students with valuable experience operating and managing legitimate businesses. Also owned by Loyola Limited are Felice’s Pizzeria (highly recommended) and Chainlinks, a bike rental and repair shop.

Balancing school work, my new job and a social life has kept me incredibly busy this first semester. Organizing every detail of my own life for once has provided me with a new sense of control and confidence, even if I am still in the midst of the transition to college life. I do my best to stay physically active by utilizing the gym at Halas Rec Center (admittedly, not as often as I should). I will also be forming a co-ed intramural dodgeball team and participate in club rugby during the spring. I hope to cover every aspect of the LUC experience in my blog, including surviving academically, how to get involved on campus, and what to do around the city.

Life in Chicago is vibrant and intoxicating, so don’t waste a moment of it. In the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” 


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