Fall Break

Fall Break

It’s already October! Which means that it’s time for fall break! We are lucky at Loyola because not all schools have a fall break. Fall break is essentially a four-day weekend because we get Monday and Tuesday off. A lot of students will take this time to go back home or visit friends else ware.

I am going back home to Michigan tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, after classes. I get home around 4:30 and then I am heading over to Ann Arbor Michigan with a couple friends from home for the University of Michigan’s football game on Saturday. Thanks to our Indian summer the weather is supposed to be mid to high 70’s and partly sunny. Pretty ideal conditions right?

After the football game I will return home and spend some quality time with my family and, unfortunately, with my schoolbooks. I have four midterms next week so even though it will be a short week, it will be a very busy one!

In the spirit of fall break, and of fall in general, I carved a mini pumpkin tonight! Well, to be honest it was more in the spirit of procrastinating homework and pulling a prank on my roommate who bought the mini pumpkin for a table decoration, but it celebrated fall just as well!

My mini jack-o-lantern 🙂
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