Much More Than a Farmers’ Market

Much More Than a Farmers’ Market

When students and parents ask me where to begin their college search, I don’t really have any one good answer. For some students, it might be available majors that is the most critical must-have. For others, it might be location. Still others might find academic or social clubs highly important.

But one thing I feel is essential for students is to look for some value added in their college search. What do I mean by that? It’s pretty simple actually—search for colleges that are going above and beyond—something that demonstrates they are a growing and vibrant community. That value added might differ between schools. And some colleges like Loyola actually have multiple aspects that are value added. Take our new Institute of Environmental Sustainability for example.

The opening of Loyola’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES) is founded on the basis of collaborative learning, research, and experiential learning in an urban environment. It is an opportunity for students to take their interest in sustainable issues and apply it to their community where they can lead change. It’s also a chance to enhance their career possibilities—from the natural sciences to government and politics to business.

Institute of Environmental Sustainability

So, what is available? You name it. Loyola has its own biodome. Loyola has the premier geothermal facility in the city of Chicago with a system that spans 91 wells that go some 500 feet underground. There is an ecotoxicology lab. Students continue to work to make our own biodiesel in the Clean Energy Lab. There is even an aquaponics lab.

Simply put, it’s amazing.

The IES was student-driven from the start and now it has come to fruition. TAKE A LOOK.

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