Good News!

Good News!

I’ve had a couple days off from Urinetown, but there’s no break in the life of a theatre major!

Monday I auditioned for next year’s first Mainstage production, Lost in Yonkers, a play by Neil Simon about Jay Kurnitz, a 15-year-ol d boy who is left with his brother at his strict German grandmother’s house in Yonkers during World War II after losing his mother to cancer. Because rehearsals for the production start before the academic year begins (an unusual situation), the play was cast this semester. My audition went well, and fortunately I was called back on Tuesday!

Callbacks can be a long, arduous process, and Tuesday’s call back was no different. Different actors are paired with other potential cast members to read “sides”- small selections from the script used for auditions.  The callback audition lasted about four hours. Many actors were called back for only a few roles, and it was clear that the casting decision would be a tough one for the director.

I found out yesterday, though, that I got the part of Jay! I just got my script and I am so excited. This is the best role that I have been given the chance to play so far and I am so excited to work so closely with the faculty here on a Mainstage show. I can’t wait to start rehearsals-in four months!


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