Finalizing Your College Choice

Finalizing Your College Choice

Admission decisions are in hand. Colleges and universities across the country are hosting events in the hope of helping admitted students to finalize their college decision.

Do you know where you will be this fall? Which school is #1 on your list?

This past weekend, we hosted our annual Loyola Weekend for admitted students and their parents who visited campus from as far away as the Philippines, Ecuador, and Mexico and as nearby as Naperville and Des Plaines, IL. There is something to be said for all the excitement that surrounds a weekend like this. The admission staff plans for more than a year to secure the dates, facilities, etc. to make it happen. And we are joined by faculty, staff, alumni, and students who make it all come together as we prepare to welcome the newest members of the Loyola family. I admit it, we are very lucky here at Loyola; our community is extremely supportive and really enjoys meeting new students and parents who are looking to make Loyola their new home.

Take a quick peek at what prospective students thought of the weekend.

So, here we are after the big party is over wondering who will join us this fall. Colleges all around the country are thinking the same thing. Did she like us? Is he really interested? Did the family have a good time? What will be the deciding factor? How can we help further with any questions or concerns?

Finalizing your college choice isn’t easy. Most students have a gut feeling of which way they are leaning, but there are so many other factors at play that the decision gets a little cloudy from time to time. In the end, I hope that students considering Loyola (or whichever school is their top choice) think about the following things:

  • Does the school have the academic program(s) I am interested in?
  • Are the resources I need to ensure my success in place?
  • Can I see myself here? Living here? Having friends here?
  • Is it my ‘fit’?

Good luck as you finalize your college choice. We look forward to welcoming the Loyola Class of 2017 for Orientation this summer and of course, the start of the fall term.

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