O’Week at Deakin

O’Week at Deakin

Orientation week, or o’week as they call it, is more than just getting acquainted with the campus and crowds of new faces, it’s a tradition here at my host school in Australia, Deakin University. Not only is it the last week until summer ends and classes begin, but the week is filled with events, new relationships and of course, freebies. Each day, there are dozens of tents set up on the main quad on campus with information about clubs and events, as well as free t-shirts, water bottles and snacks. By night, a focused social event is organized on campus or in the city with a specific theme and activity.

Day 1: Flash Mob

Yes, Australians have hoped on the flash mob bandwagon. Students gathered on the residences field to learn and practice the dance to kick off the week.

Day 2: Beach Party

Although the event did not take place at the actual beach, everyone dressed in the best beach/lifeguard apparel to enjoy barbecue, tropical refreshers and music.

Day 3: Mini-games

Mini-games was a day to explore campus. Every area had an activity from water balloon fights to face painting. Students were enjoying the entertainment or trying their own luck for a prize.

Day 4: Mystery Bus Tour

My favorite event. The busses were based on themes that varied from back-to-school, tight and bright, and sportsmen. No one was supposed to know where the bus is going, it’s a mystery. The bus ride was a social atmosphere and a sight seeing opportunity. It stopped at numerous landmarks all over Melbourne as a chance for pictures and souvenirs.

Day 5: Freshmen Initiation

On the last day, the local freshmen were welcomed to college. In order to be welcomed, they needed to prove themselves. They were harshly woken up at around 6AM for pushups, a flour fight and other hazing methods. A perfect end to the week.

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