My name is Tanner Walters, and I am currently a Freshman, starting my second semester at Loyola! This blog is where I’ll be talking about my personal experience as a student at Loyola and as a new Chicagoan. A little about myself:

  •  I am double-majoring in theatre and journalism (we’re not all biology majors, I promise!).
  • I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, about five hours away from the Windy City. I went to a college-preparatory public high school with a history of sending students to Loyola every year-I am one of four students from my high school in the class of 2016.
  • I have a twin brother who attends DePaul University.
  • I speak fluent Ubbi-Dubbi. Anyone who watched Zoom on PBS as a five-year-old should be thoroughly impressed.

Now that I’ve been at Loyola for a couple of months, it truly feels like my home. I was fortunate enough to make a tight-knit group of friends on campus relatively early, which definitely helped. I also got involved quickly on campus. Though it might seem scary to immediately put yourself out there in such a new environment, it is important to stick it out and go for what you want early. Just a tip? When you’re feeling awkward and nervous on  a new campus, just know that every other freshman is feeling the same way.  Luckily for me, the Loyola community was enthusiastic to welcome its new class.

I found this to be especially true in the theatre department. I auditioned for every production available until I was cast in Loyola’s production of Illuminating Voices in the brand new Newhart Family Theatre. Illuminating Voices was a unique experience in that it was written completely by Loyola alumni and faculty about Loyola. It was a perfect way to be introduced to the wonderful theatre department we have here. This semester, I’m in the student-run Second Stage production of Frankenstein, which I’ll definitely be talking about more once rehearsals start!

I also work as a writer and student intern for the Loyola Magazine at the downtown campus, a gig I got through the work-study program.

In my free time, which I’ll admit is limited at times, I like to explore Chicago with my friends. One of the best benefits of being a Loyola student is the UPass, which means unlimited rides on the train and the bus-and full access to the city. My friends and I spend a lot of time walking around downtown, but also exploring some of the other neighborhoods around the city.

That’s a wrap for the introduction, and I look forward to keeping you updated! As a frequent reader of the student blogs on Loyola’s website before I enrolled here, I hope that my blog can be as helpful to any future Ramblers.


My friends and I in front of Lake Michigan!

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