Egyptian Expedtion

Egyptian Expedtion

This last weekend was the Delta Sigma Phi Egyptian Expedition. The goal of the event was to of raise money and blood for the American Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It was our first ever philanthropy event, as a fraternity on campus and we had high hopes.

Our first event of the night was a pyramid hunt. This was an “Amazing Race” style event where groups were required to find spots on campus based on clues, upon arrival at each spot they would be given a quick task and then the next clue. First team with all the pyramids wins.

There were a number of events going on all week: coin war between all of the sororities, a organ a tissue donation sign up through Gift of Hope. On Saturday we had our huge blood drive which, by the end of the day, had a three hour line out the door!

The last event was a Ms. Cleopatra Pageant with contestants various Loyola Sororities on campus. Campus legends, Sister Jean and LU wolf judged the event.

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