Enjoying My Residence Hall For One More Week

Enjoying My Residence Hall For One More Week

This year I was assigned to Fordham Hall with the same roommate from my freshman year. We lived on the 12th floor with a great view of the city!

We always enjoyed watching the sun rise and watching the sun set on clear days. The hues of the sky relax us from our stressful days and make us grateful for having the once in a lifetime opportunity to not only attend Loyola University Chicago, but to be in environment where we can observe and enjoy nature.

The tall windows in our room allows the natural light come in and we are also able to look out and reflect.

I will definitely miss living in Fordham because of the large spaces and the kitchen. We both loved to cook! The kitchen also helped us eat healthy and enjoy the food we missed from home during freshman year. We took it upon ourselves to make it on our own!

As this week comes to an end ans as I start my final exams next week, I will definitely take in the days and nights watching the sun rise and the sun set. These are moments to never take advantage of!

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