The Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo

I have two jobs while at school: babysitting and this blog.

Sometimes while babysitting I get to do really fun things with the kids like take them to the park or to a museum. This past Friday was one of those fun days as we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The Lincoln Park zoo is special/awesome because it is completely free! It is located in Lincoln Park on Cannon Dr. It is very easy to get to.

One of the boys I babysit was the most excited to see the Seals, so that is where we went first. After the Seals, we saw: Tigers, Bears, Wolfs, Monkeys, Snakes, Otters and Polar Bears.

As we were leaving the zoo, the kids saw a face painting station and we had to stop. They had dozens of different animals and designs that anyone could get their face painted to look like. It was great! One of the kids got a Lion while the other got a Blue Dragon.

We had a great day at the zoo and even as we left the kids were asking their mom when they were going to get to go back.

Face painting at Lincoln Park Zoo
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