Play Ball!!!

Play Ball!!!

While I would love to talk about how Jered Weaver is going to win the Cy Young this year, I did my own ball playing this past weekend. I participated in a charity style wiffle ball tournament. There was a two dollar buy in per player and the winning team donated the proceeds to a charity of their choice.

I would have never in a million years guessed how intense wiffle ball could be. Our team made it past the first two rounds without much difficulty, but when reaching the finals we were playing a team with matching shirts who practiced every day.

Our team was assembled earlier that day, but we were still all very serious. At the top of the seventh inning (five inning game), the play of the game was made. A sacrifice bunt was hit down the third base line. Our pitcher proceeded to chase the ball down, slide into the catch and roll to a throw, which did beat the man to first to get the out. Unfortunately that roll lead to him breaking his patella and dislocating his knee.

We did eventually loose in the eighth inning by one run and now only have a story and a hospital bill to show for our efforts. But $150 was raised and hopefully the Loyola Phoneathon has done something great with the money.

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