Busy Days in the Windy City

Busy Days in the Windy City

It’s crunch time here at Loyola, time to begin the countdown to the final weeks of the semester. I’ve been super busy with school and running around trying to get things done before heading home for a quick Easter trip. I’ve been working, fundraising for my mission trip that I’m taking in May, completing assignments, taking exams in my classes and trying to plan out my class schedule for next semester.

I’ve also been working on plans with a few friends to live in an apartment off campus together for the next school year. At Loyola, students are required to live in campus residence halls for their first two years, so next year will be my first opportunity to move off campus and get my own place! I’m super stoked!

I’m going to miss living on the Water Tower Campus in Baumhart, but it will be nice to move back up north and be a part of the beautiful Lake Shore Campus again. My future roommates and I have been conversing with a potential landlord about leases and credit checks and adult stuff that I know nothing about. It’s definitely been a learning experience. I think we’re on the right track so far to move in to a place on the south side of campus near the Granville Red Line station, Metropolis Coffee and Pete’s Pizza. Can’t wait! Cross your fingers for me that everything goes as planned!

I was able to take a break from crossing things off my to-do list this weekend to see some awesome concerts with some awesome people. On Friday, I had plans to meet up with some friends from Illinois Statue University and Northwestern University to see a show by a band called Lovedrug. On Friday afternoon before the show, I knew the band was scheduled to do an interview with Fearless Radio, a really cool internet radio station in Chicago. I tuned in to the interview and actually tweeted to both the band and the radio station on Twitter— and the band gave me a shootout on the radio! I was ecstatic! The concert was later that evening at the Beat Kitchen on Belmont, a venue that I had never been to before. It was pretty small— more like a bar or a restaurant— but it was so intimate that I was able to walk right up and meet the band right after the show. Very cool!

We were able to get right up against the stage for the show at the Beat Kitchen. This is my friend Evan just before Lovedrug is about to start their set; as you can see he’s super excited to be so close!—

Saturday night I saw a little bit bigger of a show at the Riviera Theatre. One of my favorite bands, Needtobreathe, played a sold out show, and it was awesome! It was PACKED, but the energy in the place was really cool. Needtobreathe was so great live. And I always love shows at the Riviera!

My friend Erin and I at the venue after the show!—

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