St. Pat’s Weekend

St. Pat’s Weekend

This weekend was of course the holiday that is St. Patrick’s Day! The last time I went to the parade was my freshman year, so I forgot how completely busy and crazy everything is during this time.  There were so many people, but the weather was amazing for the event!

I was particularly excited to see it because my younger brother was in the parade.  His flashing green bow-tie and suspenders were quite eye-catching and amusing.

I was also excited to spend time with my boyfriend who came up for the festivities.  Though we didn’t go to the river dyeing event, the river remained very green for the day so we stopped by after the crowds cleared out.

Near the bridge, we noticed a street magician, so naturally we had to check it out.  I’m still suspicious about the couple he chose to partake in his grand trick of making a twenty-dollar bill disappear and then reappear inside a lemon, but my brother got to be part of a card trick that was impressive!

After that, we hit up Portillo’s for some great food!  Fun was had by all!

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