Spring Break Checklist!

Spring Break Checklist!

It is spring break, this time away from classes well needed. When I venture home to California, there are always a couple things I must do.

1. In N Out – Double Double, Fries (ANIMAL STYLE) and a  Chocolate Shake. The interesting thing is I really don’t find the food as amazing as people make it sound, it is simply more of a comfort thing. When I take that first bite into my burger I know I am home and my mind goes directly to vacation mode.

2. Golf – There are not too many ways better to reconnect with my father than a round of golf. Playing a round is always a good way for me to start of the break because I know I can win some substantial money from my pops.

3. Climb Mt. Baldy – Only an hour from LA and one of the greatest climbs in the area. Every other year I have gone home to plenty of snow and spent time on the slopes. This year I had to settle with amazing weather and climbing one of the tallest peaks in Southern California.

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