There’s A She-Wolf In CFSU

There’s A She-Wolf In CFSU

This past week was spirit week at Loyola and there’s no better way to finish up the first week of classes than by petting a live wolf!

On Saturday, Loyola brought in two wolves to CFSU, the student union, and students had the opportunity to pet them. They had two, Shenoah and Zeus, and they were amazing!

We also heard about the animal shelter that they came from where they house nine pure bred wolves. The wildlife expert who brought them told us all about how wolves are a highly misunderstood animal. He explained that they never attack humans unless they are provoked and that the fear most of us have of them is based on legends, such as Little Red Riding Hood.

It was an awesome experience and an great opportunity to learn more about our beloved mascot!

Shenoah, the female wolf that I was able to pet in CFSU!
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