No Explanation Needed

No Explanation Needed

Okay, I guess A LITTLE explanation might be needed to accompany these delicious pictures. Along with the rest of Loyola’s student population, I decided to take a quick break last night before the IC, review sessions, studying and, ultimately, finals take over my life for the next week.

That’s why, when my friend, Emily, invited me to her aunt’s annual Christmas Dessert Party (yes, you read that correctly – a party dedicated entirely to desserts), I had no problem saying yes.

I won’t taunt you with details of the marshmallows, carmel corn, yule log, berry cake, brownies with whipped cream or cheesecake on a stick – all homemade – but I will tell you that it was just as delicious as it sounds.

And now I leave you with these pictures from last night, which make me smile and provide me with a great reminder of my supportive community of friends as finals week, and the end of any hope of sleep, fast approaches!

Future roommates!

All Pictures – Attributed to Emma Cook

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