Panopto: New & Enhanced Features for Summer 2021

Panopto: New & Enhanced Features for Summer 2021

Asynchronous lectures are growing in popularity, and fortunately, are becoming increasingly easy to record. Panopto, an invaluable tool for recording and uploading lectures and slides, is consistently growing in popularity and ease of use. Accordingly, ITRS is pleased to announce the arrival of new and improved features in Panopto:

  • Multi-stream Viewer – Mobile device users can view and navigate through multiple streams in recordings.
  • Moderating Discussions – After recording and sharing a Panopto session, creators are able to moderate discussions in the viewer.
  • Preview in Capture – Preview each individual stream in Panopto Capture.
  • Improved Share Feature – A new and improved interface for sharing recordings. Share emails now contain Table of Contents and captions (if present in the recording).
  • Multi-Language Search – Users can discover content by multi-language searching.

These new tools make for a (dare I say?) fun experience creating and viewing recorded lectures!

For more information, how-to guides, and live training sessions on Panopto, visit the ITRS Panopto site.

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