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Record a Webcam Video with QuickTime Pro

Record a Webcam Video with QuickTime Pro

With QuickTime Pro for Mac, you can easily record a webcam video directly to your hard drive.   Quicktime Pro offers a straightforward interface to record your video, as well as provides as the option to convert video files into a variety of formats. Take note that Quicktime Pro for Windows only supports audio capture.

If you don’t already have QuickTime Pro, you can purchase the download for about $30 at the Apple Store.

Here are a few steps to record a video from your webcam:

  1. If you don’t have a built-in camera, you must attach an external webcam
  2. Go to File > New Movie Recording
  3. A video screen will appear; when you are ready, press the red-circle record button
  4. After you are finished recording, the video will automatically save as a .mov file to your desktop. If you want to export it as a different format, select File > Export
Technology Videos: In Plain English

Technology Videos: In Plain English

As online tools such as blogs, Twitter and RSS feeds are becoming more widely used to share information, it’s helpful to know about resources that explain how these tools work, while still remaining interesting.  Common Craft’s In Plain English series provides fun and simple tutorials on several areas, including technology, money, society and the environment.  Each video features paper cut-outs and narration; some technology topics include podcasting, RSS and Wikis.  Even though these videos are lighthearted, they are very well-made and informative and definitely worth sharing with colleagues or in the classroom.    

 Video Source:  http://www.commoncraft.com/blogs