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The Urban Explorer

Photographed by Javed Hydaralli

Since moving to Chicago in 2021, Javed Hydaralli has fallen in love with the vibrant city. The Urban Explorer is an homage to the Chicago and its people.

Javed Hydaralli is a second-year student in the Digital Media and Storytelling Graduate Program. Javed is a photographer and videographer from Toronto, Canada and shoots mainly street photography and event videography. He is currently working on several new projects, including as an intern alongside author, public speaker and creater Rich Hebron on a documentary about the Chicago band, Bonelang. Javed is also editing Rich Hebron’s podcast. Other recent work includes shooting and editing a music video for Toronto band, Atom and the Volumes; and shooting and editing video content for Bartlett House, a Toronto-based artist collective that hosts monthly events.

Our Coordinates, Your Adventures.

Produced by Brenden Arney.

Our Coordinates, Your Adventures. is a travel campaign for Thailand. Arney’s grandmother is an immigrant from Thailand and he has been wanting to visit his entire life. He finally had the opportunity to make the trip and spent 30 days traveling the country, capturing pictures, videos, and drone footage. He then put everything together in a fun advertising campaign, and rebranded their homepage to be more modern and timely.

After being introduced to Microsoft Paint as a child, Brenden Arney became passionate about digital creation. Throughout his life he’s prioritized learning new creative tools in order to explore and experiment with that passion.

Small Heroes. Big City.

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Produced by Richard Giraldi.

Small Heroes. Big City. is a photography project that uses action figures, large spaces in Chicago and the viewer’s depth of field to create a realistic comic book world.

Richard is a content and social media specialist with over ten years experience creating compelling content for print and digital with an emphasis on engaging storytelling techniques. He graduated from Loyola’s DMST program in 2015, and he currently works as the Digital Marketing Associate for BreakFree Solutions, an IT transformation company that focuses on helping businesses accelerate to the cloud, operationalize DevOps and automate IT processes.

My Way

Produced by Tongtong Yue.

My Way is an interactive film about a car enthusiast. Ron works in a packaging manufacturing company. He has a deep love with cars. In the story, he talks about how he strikes a balance between his job and hobbies in his daily life.

View the full website here.

Tongtong Yue is a filmmaker and photographer from Beijing, China. She likes to express her understanding of art through technology and software.