Cold Coast


Produced by Joey Bina.

Cold Coast is the story of Great Lakes Surfer, Ryan Gerard.

Joey Bina is a storyteller, photographer and actor from Los Angeles, CA. He has been behind and in front of the camera since 2011. He is very fortunate to be able to pursue this type of career and hopes to continue for years to come.

Who Will Take Care of Me?

Produced by Maria Pimentel.

Who Will Take Care of Me? is a documentary film exploring the challenges faced by a growing population of elders.

Maria is a solutions-driven, multilingual videographer and producer with proven excellence in videography, content production/editing, social media management, and production techniques. She graduated from the Loyola DMST program in 2019 and now works as the Multimedia Coordinator at Japanese American Service Committee (JASC).

Our Coordinates, Your Adventures.

Produced by Brenden Arney.

Our Coordinates, Your Adventures. is a travel campaign for Thailand. Arney’s grandmother is an immigrant from Thailand and he has been wanting to visit his entire life. He finally had the opportunity to make the trip and spent 30 days traveling the country, capturing pictures, videos, and drone footage. He then put everything together in a fun advertising campaign, and rebranded their homepage to be more modern and timely.

After being introduced to Microsoft Paint as a child, Brenden Arney became passionate about digital creation. Throughout his life he’s prioritized learning new creative tools in order to explore and experiment with that passion.


Produced by Joey Bina.

Dairyland is the story of the Weninger Family and their dairy farm in Woodland, Wisconsin. This film was Bina’s capstone project for his Masters Degree at Loyola University. Even though he was limited and couldn’t create a longer film due to the pandemic, he was very happy with how this turned out. He believes that there is way too much negative press about the farming crisis in Wisconsin. He just wanted to let people know that, even though there is a farming crisis, there’s still good people out there fighting to put food on your table. They deserve to be recognized, especially during a global pandemic.

Joey Bina is a storyteller, photographer and actor from Los Angeles, CA. He has been behind and in front of the camera since 2011. He is very fortunate to be able to pursue this type of career and hopes to continue for years to come.

A Guide to the California Corridor

Designed by Rebecca Seiler

Curious about what sights to see in Chicago, but want to go off the beaten path? Rebecca Seiler can help. She created, “A Guide To: The California Corridor,” a book featuring the hot spots in Chicago’s East Humboldt Park neighborhood. Explore shops, restaurants, bars and more with this helpful guide. Rebecca is also the creator of the Instagram account, @goodtimechi, which features even more things to do in the Windy City.

Rebecca Seiler is a second-year Digital Media and Storytelling student and full-time marketing professional in the Chicago area. She is currently expanding her knowledge of visual content creation and hopes to combine her studies with her work experience to become an expert storyteller. Her short documentary, “Home,” has been submitted for a student Emmy. 


While we live in an increasingly digital world, there are many benefits to shooting and developing film the old-fashioned way. But, film photography is a fading industry, and there is only one film developer/printer left in all of Chicago. Soon photographers may not be able to find someone to develop their film. This is a story about the last Chicago film developer/printer: Oson Chin.

Produced by Yucheng Jiang.

Yucheng has been studying abroad since 2013. He graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin with a major in Business Communication and is a Digital Media and Storytelling alumnus. Four of his works have been nominated for the BEA film festival and one was nominated for a student Emmy. 


Asia Singleton’s “On the Record” is a three-part video series (collected in this video) about how vinyl records are made and sold, and how record players are repaired.

Asia Singleton is a 2022 graduate of Loyola University Chicago’s Digital Media and Storytelling master’s program. She has interned at WBEZ and was a Southern Exposure Film fellow in summer 2022. She is currently an editor and producer at One Tree Forest Films.


“StreetWise,” produced by Digital Media and Storytelling master’s program graduate Jeffrey Chow, is a documentary series that follows the people behind StreetWise, an organization that assists marginalized individuals and gives them an opportunity to earn income. “One Magazine at a Time,: which features magazine vendor Steven Riggs, received the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Award of Excellence within the student documentary section. View the full “StreetWise” series on Jeffrey’s YouTube page.

Jeffrey Chow is a 2018 graduate of Loyola’s Digital Media and Storytelling graduate program and award-winning storyteller. He is a videographer, editor and producer based in Chicago.


“That’s Dinnertainment!” is a documentary short by second-year Digital Media Storytelling student Marina Hart Donahue exploring the phenomenon that is dinner theatre. After being pronounced dead multiple times, the “dinner and a show” business model continues to prove that it is alive and well. But how does it function? Why does it work? Is the food really that good? To learn more about the dinner theatre experience, including its history, visit the website.

Marina Hart Donahue is a second-year Digital Media and Storytelling student at Loyola University Chicago. She moved to Chicago to pursue a career in storytelling and is thrilled to be a part of the graduate program. Marina’s documentary short “That’s Dinnertainment!” was officially selected for The Chicago International Indie Film Festival. She hopes to continue to tell stories that are meaningful, entertaining and all that jazz.

A multimedia portfolio from graduate students of Loyola University Chicago's Digital Media & Storytelling program