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Icons ONLY

Designed by Keagan Hynes

In his introduction of his multimedia project, “Icons Only,” Keagan Hynes writes, “This body of work is first and foremost a love letter to pop music and the women who make it.” Keagan has created unique portraits of female music icons, women who have achieved critical and commercial success in the U.S. from 1958, when the Billboard Hot 100 launched, until April 2022.

Keagan Hynes is an eternal poptimist, multimedia collage artist, Bravo scholar and advertising professional in Chicago.


Created by James Smartt Jr.

James Smartt Jr.’s “Black Boy” is a personal project that shares James’ experiences through his multimedia work. James was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. “Black Boy” is just one of the many projects James uses to tell his story.

James Smartt Jr. is a second-year graduate student at Loyola University Chicago. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a native of Atlanta, he expresses his art through experiences and culture. James is currently interning for the Walt Disney Company as a digital content producer. He aspires to inspire others and tell his story as a vessel for all creatives.

A Guide to the California Corridor

Designed by Rebecca Seiler

Curious about what sights to see in Chicago, but want to go off the beaten path? Rebecca Seiler can help. She created, “A Guide To: The California Corridor,” a book featuring the hot spots in Chicago’s East Humboldt Park neighborhood. Explore shops, restaurants, bars and more with this helpful guide. Rebecca is also the creator of the Instagram account, @goodtimechi, which features even more things to do in the Windy City.

Rebecca Seiler is a second-year Digital Media and Storytelling student and full-time marketing professional in the Chicago area. She is currently expanding her knowledge of visual content creation and hopes to combine her studies with her work experience to become an expert storyteller. Her short documentary, “Home,” has been submitted for a student Emmy. 

Our Coordinates, Your Adventures.

Produced by Brenden Arney.

Our Coordinates, Your Adventures. is a travel campaign for Thailand. Arney’s grandmother is an immigrant from Thailand and he has been wanting to visit his entire life. He finally had the opportunity to make the trip and spent 30 days traveling the country, capturing pictures, videos, and drone footage. He then put everything together in a fun advertising campaign, and rebranded their homepage to be more modern and timely.

After being introduced to Microsoft Paint as a child, Brenden Arney became passionate about digital creation. Throughout his life he’s prioritized learning new creative tools in order to explore and experiment with that passion.


Invalid Displayed Gallery is a personal portfolio website designed by Lapasrada Sevikul.

Lapasrada is an alumnus of the DMST program at Loyola. She is originally from Bangkok, Thailand, where she received a B.A. in advertising. Before moving to Chicago, she was an account executive at an advertising agency for three years.