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Choosing a College Major VS Undecided

September 1st, 2015

  While there are over 80 majors and minors to choose from at Loyola, believe it or not, one of the most popular majors in college these days is UNDECIDED! So don’t be afraid or embarrassed if that’s your current major of choice; you have plenty of time to finalize your choice during the first […]

How to Choose the Right High School Classes

July 8th, 2015

  Everyone wants to know the secret recipe of high school classes to earn admission at Loyola, and while there is not one right combination of classes to choose, I am going to share some of my personal advice for making these decisions: How are Honors, AP, or IB Classes perceived by Loyola? It’s always nice […]

Big Things

Big Things

November 10th, 2012

Some pretty exciting things have been going on in my life lately, and I’m feeling pretty pumped about everything, so I thought I’d share two of my favorites with you guys before I disappear into my pharmacology textbook for the rest of the weekend. 1. Alpha Sigma Nu Initiation Last spring, I found out that I had been […]

The Great Escape

March 23rd, 2012

I wish I could write something witty and eloquent about my week and upcoming weekend, but I just don’t have it in me. This week I had a lab practical, a lab competency and an anatomy exam. While I get a brief two hour break this afternoon, I work three 8 hour shifts at the hospital (from […]

Livin’ The Dream

Livin’ The Dream

March 10th, 2012

Warning: You’re about to be bombarded with exclamation points! Something so exciting has happened to me that the only way I can possibly post about it involves an excessive use of the aforementioned punctuation. However, I think it’s worth it. That’s because, as I casually mentioned in my previous blog… …I recently got my dream […]

Nursing: We Call the Shots

Nursing: We Call the Shots

November 4th, 2011

I’m not too good at introductions. Even on Facebook, my “write something about yourself” section simply says “something about yourself. haha. i’m so witty.” (Get it?  It says, “write something about yourself,” so I wrote the phrase “something about yourself.”) I don’t think I can get away with that in this case, so I should probably […]