Nursing: We Call the Shots

Nursing: We Call the Shots

Me dressed as Agnes (from Despicable Me) and my friend dressed as Desert Rose (from It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia)

I’m not too good at introductions. Even on Facebook, my “write something about yourself” section simply says “something about yourself. haha. i’m so witty.” (Get it?  It says, “write something about yourself,” so I wrote the phrase “something about yourself.”) I don’t think I can get away with that in this case, so I should probably just start with my name and some basic information.

My name is Ellen Gordon and I’m a sophomore BSN (nursing) major here at Loyola. I was one of those kids with a restless parent who moved them around a lot, but I consider Palatine, IL to be my hometown. I chose to come to Loyola University Chicago because it has an amazing nursing program and because I had an amazing overnight visit my senior year of high school; it was the first university I visited in which I felt like I truly belonged.

As a nursing major, almost every aspect of my life is consumed with labs, classes, planning for clinicals and studying. That’s how I came up with my blog name – you know that cliché of the girl walking around campus, looking like she’s running solely on magic and clutching a Monster in her hand like it’s the only thing keeping her upright because she’s been studying until 4:00 am? That’s me, along with the other few hundred or so nursing majors.

In fact, the picture of me (I’m the one dressed as Agnes) at the beginning of the post was taken with a fellow nursing student, Jackie, at her awesome Halloween themed lab practical study party birthday party.

When I do have the occasional second of free time, I watch Doctor Who, bombard people with facts and food from my Jewish culture, read anything that I can get my hands on and go on random adventures. My favorite part about Loyola is having the city as my backyard.

I can’t count the nights where I’ve been convinced that I’m going to spend the whole evening in my residence hall, yet somehow find myself ending the night at the other end of the Red Line, having gone on a journey to Chinatown or some other Chicago locale with my friends. And I look forward to telling you all about my adventures, nursing and otherwise. I hope you enjoy reading!

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