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Such a ‘Bler: Yule Balling into Spring 2019

Posted on: February 9th, 2019 by Ha (Millie) Le No Comments


Every year, the Loyola Quidditch Team hosts a Yule Ball! It’s often late December right before Winter break (hence the “Yule” in Yule Ball) but the festivities occurred in January in this school year. Regardless it was a Potter wonderland!  

There were Hogwarts houses themed snacks and decorations, wintery and wizard-like decorations and a colourful playlist. I saw a reflective tie, wands and so many golden snitches. The ball was opened to all students, but I went this year (and the last) because a lot of those in my friend group are on the Quidditch team! 

From what I’ve heard, they are a lovable and passionate community. The Quidditch team practices weekly and participates in tournaments with other university teams. I’d totally recommend Potterheads and those interested in magic in general to join, not only because they have a fantastic Quids-giving each year. 

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