Such a ‘Bler: Greetings Polar Vortex, and We at Loyola Stayed Warm

Such a ‘Bler: Greetings Polar Vortex, and We at Loyola Stayed Warm

And so, Chicago welcomed the almighty Polar Vortex.

Temperatures drops to scary levels and (blessing us all) Loyola along with other academic institutions cancelled school for two days. It was genuinely unsafe to go outside.

Frankly, I did not do much, but the “break” really helped put my work flow back on track (but more on that in a separate winy blog post haha.) A lot of professors tried to carry class through via Zoom or creative assignments such as to film (however we could) the storm with our phones in the case of my COMM 135 – Video Production class. I was really grateful for their efforts to not put a dent in our academic schedules.

However, what warmed me the most was the thoughts of my friends here. There were Instagram stories floating all over with information about shelters for the homeless and charity runs prior the full hits of the storm. Students of Loyola were purchasing supplies to hand out and raising funds through Venmo for those who wished to help without having to or were honestly unable to physically deliver donations. It was incredible.

A part of me still wishes I had gone outside to great the blizzardly beast. It was truly beautiful if not terrifying – as seen in the above photo of which I took (from a brave friend’s Instagram story). Stay warm!




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