Welcome Back Ramblers!

Welcome Back Ramblers!

It’s Tuesday, January 16th. There is a mini-blizzard seen outside the classroom, the smell of hot coffee beckons (waiting to be drunk), the sound of crunching snow and slosh of slush being stepped on by heavy duty boots. With all this, we are back to work. Welcome back Ramblers to Spring semester!

Today, I am here to tell you about what to expect this semester from your weekly blogger! As always, I am here to be your resource to connect you to your Loyola experience. Every other week, I will talk about academics, extracurriculars, and events going on at both Loyola’s Water Tower and Lakeshore Campuses. Here are some of the topics that I hope to cover this semester:

  • How to choose a college major, minor
  • Why it is okay to be undecided with your major/minor
  • Some Loyola history (St Ignatius of Loyola, History of Certain Buildings, Important People on Campus)
  • Tips for academic success (Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Research, etc.)

However, starting next week, we will be going to have Explore Chicago CTA Edition where we are going to explore Fullerton. Just a quick reminder, during this segment, I give you a bunch of tips on places to explore and what makes Chicago such a beautiful and unique city to live. As always, you can count on receiving suggestions for tasty meals (sit downs, cafes, fast food, and of course…desserts) as well as shops (bookstores, boutiques, speciality shops) and many attractions in these neighborhoods (parks, historic centers, and so much more)! Make sure to bring your U-Pass and an empty stomach to come on this fun adventure!

  • January 23 (Fullerton)
  • February 6 (Belmont)
  • February 20 (Addison)
  • March 13 (Argyle)
  • March 27 (Granville)
  • April 10 (Morse)
  • April 24 (Howard)

I hope you have a great spring semester and are ready to embark on adventure. Welcome Back Ramblers!

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