Career Development & Pre-Health Advising

Career Development & Pre-Health Advising



The Career Development offices and Pre-Health Advising, are two great resources students should take of advantage of. Located on the second floor of Sullivan Center, these offices provide support to students in all realms.

The Career Development have staff that are ready to help you at all times, with walk-in hours. You can get help with writing your resume, prepping for a job interview, and learning professional etiquette. They can also help expose you to more opportunities such as internships and volunteering in areas that may be of interest to you.

Some advisors from this office also teach the course: UNIV 224 (Career and Life Planning Seminar). This is a class that I have taken last semester. I can tell you that this course has helped me narrow down my career choices and help me understand myself better (who I am, what am I capable of doing, and how have I prepared myself so far).

The Pre-Health offices are very useful too. Many medical students who graduated from Loyola have said that they visit this office very consistently and frequently. I have used this office a couple of times, but not as much as the Career Development office  because I am a sophomore and have not started studying for the MCAT and searching for medical schools to attend. Most likely, I will use this office more in the future.

Many members of the pre-health offices are doctors, so they are able to give you accurate and trustworthy information regarding everything medical.

So my fellow prospective LUC students… Fear not of college. You are in good hands. You will have the support and guidance you need to succeed in the future after you graduate! 😀




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